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Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Manufacturing of control cabinets intended for industrial process automation implementing a Lean Production system.

Lean Management and Lean Production are the response to competitiveness challenge. A holistic approach that provides productivity excellence, acting on three key levers simultaneously:

  • Operating system, processes and material and information flows
  • Outcome monitoring system
  • Attitude and behaviour

At FAE, we design and manufacture control cabinets intended for automation solutions

ranging from manufacturing to assembly, cabling and testing of equipment in compliance with the relevant electromechanical project, construction specs and regulations in force:

  • Automation control systems for machinery and plants

  • Low voltage and medium voltage power distribution control systems

  • Supervisory control systems for machinery and plants

Standard production and customized solutions

At FAE, we offer customized solutions to meet any customers’ needs within the scope of industrial systems:

  • BT power

    distribution, special plants, systems intended for supporting industrial processes, ethernet networks,




    , vision systems and any solutions required by industrial processes and productions.
  • Manufacturing of PC (Power Center) and MCC (Motor Control Center) control cabinets
  • Revamping of existing plants