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Technical Feasibility Studies

Technical Feasibility Studies

A Technical Feasibility Study consists in the analysis and systematic assessment of a project characteristics, costs and possible outcomes based on a preliminary overview.

The process includes technical and economic activities.
Before proceeding with designing, FAE carries out a technical feasibility study to supply the applicant with an accurate analysis, together with alternative proposals and solutions.

FAE qualified professionals, relying upon their expertise, look for innovative solutions to open up new opportunities for customers, who will always find in FAE a serious and reliable partner.
Through on-site inspections, energy performance studies, financial schedules and analysis of applicable rules and regulations, FAE provides valuable advice about new system projects or existing plant revamping.


On the basis of reliable surveys, FAE draws up expert reports aimed at accurately detailing outcomes from preliminary analysis. FAE provides its customers with a range of documents to explain as clearly as possible the choices made and the underlying reasons for them.


FAE expertise is not limited to designing new automation systems. Existing systems may require an accurate energy diagnosis aimed at enhancing system efficiency and minimizing managing costs.
FAE experts accurately analyse system condition, thus assessing system value and operating efficiency to identify possible actions for improvement.